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Body reshaping after weight loss

One of the commonest consequences of significant weight loss or following pregnancy is skin excess. After the triumph of losing weight, the volume of fat in the body has significantly reduced, but the skin folds and rolls do not tighten adequately. Sports and exercise do not improve the looseness of the skin. Under such circumstances, removal of the excess skin is the only solution.


We specialise in reconstructive surgery after significant weight loss, as well as post-pregnancy makeovers. We are sympathetic to such situations, and together, we will decide on the ideal treatment time as well as the necessary surgical procedure. Often an ideal result is created with a combination of different interventions.



After pregnancy or severe weight loss, the common changes that take place in the body include stretching or separation of the abdominal muscles, and persistent looseness of the abdominal skin. These changes may not be improved by exercise and sports.


In a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), the excess skin below the navel is removed and the abdominal muscles are brought back to their original position in the middle of the abdomen. During the operation, if there is an umbilical hernia present (weakness of the abdomen causing bulging within the navel or umbilicus), this can also be surgically corrected.


After massive weight loss, there can also be troublesome and distressing excess of skin in various regions of the body. Therefore, it is often advisable to integrate the treatment of the other regions, such as the flanks, back or thighs into the operation.

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Following massive weight loss and ageing, one can be left with a unsightly and distressing excess of skin on the inner aspects of the upper arm. This appearance is not expected to improve despite intensive exercise.


It is therefore advisable to tighten the upper arms with a vertical scar on the inner aspect of the arm, ranging from the armpit to just to just above the elbow. This procedure may be combined with liposuction to remove any significant fat deposits in the area.

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Excess skin on the thighs is a common consequence of significant weight loss and sometimes inevitable with age and gravity. Despite intensive physical activity, there is often no improvement. Thus, the only solution to this is surgical tightening of the thighs. As specialists for surgery after significant weight loss, we would discuss with you the options of a thigh lift, through a horizontal or vertical scar or both on the inner upper thigh. This may be combined with liposuction to achieve an enhanced and harmonious appearance.

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The liposuction procedure involves the use of fine instruments (or cannula) to suck up any accumulation of fat in order to harmonize the body silhouette. This procedure is not a substitute for the treatment of obesity. Instead, it eliminates localized fat deposits which do not respond to measures such as diet and exercise. The cannulae are introduced through very small incisions, and remove the fat deposits under the skin. Depending on the region of the body, the excess fat removed by liposuction is conducted either by hand, or with the Microair device.


The areas that are commonly treated with liposuction include the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs; as well as the inner aspect of the knee. In suitable candidates, liposuction of the chin, in order to eliminate the double chin, can provide satisfactory results, depending on the elasticity of the skin.

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Body shaping with autologous fat:


Body Shaping is the combination of liposuction and lipofilling to achieve harmonious proportions. The principle is simple: sucking out the excess fat from one region and transferring it to the area where volume is desired.


The aim is to achieve natural and long-lasting results.


The fat is taken with a suction cannula, specially processed and introduced into the target region, usually the buttocks and hips. This technique also improves the appearance of any other contour irregularities.

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